5 comments on “My first ever Sight Change

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  3. In the future, especially with Kimber and especially with night sights, I would recommend a sight pusher… no hammering to damage fragile vile in the sight and no scarring of the frame ( even brass punches may scar). Kimbers are notorious for having sights pressed on that even hammering will not get out without scarring or damage. You don’t even have to buy an expensive sight pusher that can run as much as 700 bucks. I used a Universal Hand Gun Sight tool to remove my sights and replace them with MeproLight TrueGlo sights on my Kimbers , Glocks and even a Barretta 92sf
    ( had to get a 20 dollar adaptor for the 92sf but now I have it for future tinkering). It is a great investment for only 60.00 bucks… http://www.sightpusher.com/

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