6 comments on “USPSA Limited it will be!

  1. Yes I was actually writing you for a question. I just recently purchased this exact gun. I bought maybe 3 months ago I havent even shot it yet. Will do tomorrow though lol But the question is how do you clean or polish the top silver part? I havent used it and there seems to be these lil specs of dirt but it isn’t dirt in between those little slanted rails on the side and on the top where the rear view is. Its not scratches nor dirt if you write I can send a picture .I attempted to just wipe it off but it doesn’t seem to come off. Is there some type of solvent to use or anything? The gun is brand new and I kept it in a dry place? If you can e-mail me jokerswild954@gmail.com that would be great thanks for your time.

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  4. Nice set up. I shoot Limited also. Been to 5 or 6 matches and am hooked! I would be interested in your thoughts on the holster you’re using. I’m using a Blade Teck so I can also use it in 3 gun matches but would possibly like to get a speed type holster for the regular matches. How much of an advantage do you feel it gives over types?

    • Dan, the CR Speed holster is VERY fast. It allows you to draw and get your sights on target very quick, much faster than I am actually 🙂 all pro shooters use this holster.

      Retention is ok, the Blade Tek holster is definitely better in that regard.

      The flexibility of the holster is amazing, you can tweak it in so many ways to fit your body and your style. That said, that’s the hardest part about getting this rig up, getting it to fit you perfectly. You’ll end up constantly tweaking it till it’s perfect.

      Hope that helps!

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