4 comments on “Actual Cost for Reloading .45 ACP

  1. Its probably even slightly less expensive than your spreadsheet shows, as it doesn’t appear you are discounting your brass cost due to re-use. I haven’t shot enough 45 to know how many times you can re-use it, but if you minimize your case mouth belling, you can get 5-7 reloads out of a 9mm case.

    • I haven’t been keeping track either. There’s just no way to mark the brass and then keep a count. I recently bought a ton of brass for cheap to start my “collection” going.

      • I don’t even consider the price of brass into my calculations because I haven’t bought any brass in years. I just try to pick up my brass and I get brass left from other shooters as well. Then you will be around 11.5 cents per round…….about 1/3 the cost of factory!!

      • haha yes! That’s right, after a while the brass is considered free. I bought mine to start with so that’s why I had to factor in the cost.

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