7 comments on “Cylinder & Slide Extra Length Firing Pin for the Smith & Wesson 625 JM

  1. Great Article have used this information on my 625jm.one question di you file the Strain screw.

  2. I checked some of the other posts after this and didn’t see this issue revisited. Did the longer firing ping resolve your issue with light strikes on non-Federal primers?

    • it didn’t make a difference for me. what made a difference was

      1. cleaning the primer pockets
      2. trigger weight (now i’m up to 8lbs)
      3. Seating federal primers deep (slightly crushing them)

      • Hello lokeuei,

        Kudos on very informative post. I do not compete. I am just a little concerned about my S & W 686. To date, i have had 100% reliability. However, i recently had to replace the firing pin on my S & W 642. Light strike issues. Now i am a little concerned about my 686 as it is my carry gun. I have about 800 or do rounds in it now, again without a hiccup.

        Question: should i replace the stock pin with the C&S pin “out of an abundance” of caution?

        Question: should i replace the firing pin with the C & S extended pin jus for problem reventitive

      • Thanks Jim. can you give me more information with regards to your 642. What firing pin did you use? also did you lighten the springs? It could be that when you replaced the firing pin, you didn’t tighten the mainspring retaining screw causing the spring to be weak. Also, check your firing pin channel and spring to make sure there isn’t an obstruction.

      • Hi. Couldnt say. I took the 642 to Bolsa Gunsmith in Westminster, CA. They indicated only problem was firing pin broke. But again the 642 is no longer the problem. I am just a little concerned that if my 642 pretty much went from reliable to non functioning overnight due to a broken firing pin, my 686 may do the same. I am wondering if i should swap out that firing pin in the 686 just in case. Sorry if my last post was a little unclear and somewhat vague.

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