3 comments on “Revolvers = Steam Locomotive

  1. Well said, but I think that in both cases(steam engine and revolver) the major appeal is utility in a piece of machine that seemingly transcends time. It can still function and meet needs now that it did many years ago.

    • Exactly! I never thought I’d favor a revolver until I fired one. I still would not carry one as a CCW though. I would go with a reliable higher capacity semi-auto. Maybe because there’s no good way of pocketing additional ammo.

      and keep up the good work with the Personal Armament podcast, I listen to every one of your shows and love the ammosmith reloading segments.

  2. This is analogous to the joy derived from driving an Aston-Martin compared to a Buick.

    The sports car is noisy, jouncy, breezy, rattly, and by any objective measure, less comfortable, but you are DRIVING it – you are in charge – it’s fun to drive.

    The Buick is comfortable, quiet, smooth, but you don’t have as much fun.

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