4 comments on “Dummy Practice Rounds for .45 ACP

  1. try instead to remove the spent primer, seat your bullet to the length you normally do and then use RVT sealant in the primer hole, full the case with it. After it gets setup, trim the excess with a razor blade. You now have a snap cap that will take the primer hit and not damage your firing pin and you will have no problem in telling it apart from a live round.

  2. Maybe a revolver is different, but I would think the crimp should be more than sufficient to hold the bullet in place during repeated loadings and unloadings.

    Typically my two criteria for judging a crimp is that it must not be so severe as to deform the bullet, and also that it must be able to withstand me holding onto the cartridge by the head and pushing the nose of the bullet into my workbench with a good amount of force without forcing the bullet back into the case.

    I can see adding the media for weight, but I would question the loads if it were needed to hold the bullet in place.

    • Hey Jeff, that’s what I thought in the beginning, but after dry-firing a while and dropping fully loaded moon clips on the floor, you start to see some of the bullets getting pushed back into the case. the rounds sometimes drop tip first onto the ground from 3ft up and get whacked bit by bit until it disappears. I needed something inside to hold the bullets up front. i think using epoxy or PVT filler would be a better idea but I was cheap and used what I had right there and then 🙂

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