One comment on “Blackhawk Serpa Holster Suggested Fix / Mod to make it Safer

  1. Hello,

    First sorry for my english but may be your french is terrible to.

    The mod you describe is not sufficiant.
    I did it by leveling the lock button with 2 components glue. IT DOES HELP.

    But it is not enough. A bad or a poor desingn will remain as it.

    If you wnat to have a ultimate mod you have to modify the engagement of the inside part of the locker.

    Actually it works just like the security position on a single action revolver, the one wich permit the free rotation of the wheel, to free the cock you have to pull it before pulling the trigger.

    Dissassemble you serpa and you will understand what I mean, You will just have to trim a little the “sear of the plastic locking nut” and your serpa will this time work like it would (just like a FAB holster).

    Many people have been telling “You are just piece of S…, YOU HAVE TO TRAIN AND PRACTICE …” Back off, if I get a car whith turn left when I turn the wheel right I will never practice, I will modify it or change it.

    You have been courageous to tell serpa is not perfect.

    Thanks a lot,

    Best regards,

    Marc from France.

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