2 comments on “IDPA ESR Classification : Sharpshooter (Time 125.20)

  1. Just saw your classifier the other day, good shooting. I gotta ask, why did you shave off the finger rests from your Hogue grips? And those were not Moly bullets, plated with what behind them? I shot my first ESR classifier today, sucked for me as well.


    • the finger grooves positioned my hands too low and forced me to lose my grip on the gun. After shaving it off, I can position my grip as high as I want. The bullets I used for the classifier were BERRY’s plated bullets. Similar in performance but more expensive. Only reason I’m using that is the range enforce a rule to use “jacketed” bullets only and no exposed lead. Moly has no exposed lead but they didn’t really understand.

      How did you do in your classifier?

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