10 comments on “Ricardo Lopez : IPSC World Champion–Revolver

    • Not much savings but I do save a TON of emotional and mental anguish by having to search for my brass on the ground. I spend all my time looking on the ground for brass that I could spend concentrating on shooting well or talking with friends.

      • Ok I do sorta understand the humor in walking around like a chicken pecking seeds off the ground! But really are you saving 50% or so by reloading? Also, 38 supers are more expensive and harder to find than 9mm have considered using 9mm? I’m asking because I am trying to decide where to invest my money. Any help would be great.

      • Hey Stephen. I’ve since rechambered my open gun to 9mm and have been reloading and shooting 9mm major for almost two years. It’s so much better for me because I don’t have to worry about picking up brass.

      • Not sure I understand, you say you are reloading for 9mm major but not picking up brass? Are you just buying brass and powder and stuffing your own bullets? Just not reloading old brass?

      • Yeah I buy once fired brass in bulk from folks in the community, reload them and leaving the brass on the range. 9mm brass is very cheap

      • So if you were just getting into the world of IPSC which pistol would you start with? As I’m an open book. My experience is in the Canadian Army we unfortunately were shooting old, beat up Browning 9mm. The slides were worn out and they had steel grips and what seemed like noodle triggers. Any help here would be great.

      • Depends in what division you’d like to shoot. Old school wheel gun? Production? Or open division race guns? Obviously the open race guns are fastest but most pricy. Production is the easiest to get into but you’ll have to do more thinking about the stage plan and lots of reloading. A good start would be production. Get a nice Sphinx or Tanfoglio or even a Glock 17, anything in 9mm with maybe 6-7 magazines, good belt and holster from Double Alpha would work.

        I’m not too sure about Canadian regulation or laws with regards to firearms but if you can own anyone of these guns, you can shoot them.

        Also another place to get lots of help / advice would be a local IPSC club. Look for one on IPSC.org and send an email to the club director or join the online forum.

        Hope that helps!

      • In a big way thanks. I have been speaking with one of your gunsmiths in the states and I’m quite tempted to have him make up a wide body 1911. Problem is brokering it. Seems like a major ass pain to import custom guns from the states? Fortunately there are a few gunsmiths that come highly recommended here in Canada.
        Yes we can have any of the guns you recommended, the only stipulation likely will be the double stack will need blocking here. 10 round max. I believe? No biggie the way I see it the field is the same for everybody so it doesn’t matter that much. You just get better at mag changes!
        Thanks for the input and have fun.


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