3 comments on “Match DQ at the Marysville USPSA Series Match

  1. Can you explain what happened that caused the disqualification? I am not that familiar with the rules of USPSA.

  2. Yes, the DQ was obvious. You had backed away from the port and your muzzle was up at the discharge … the round either struck the vision barrier (probably) or went over the berm (didn’t appear to be that high, in the video). So, it wasn’t ‘an extra shot’, it was a NG. Finger Finger, eh?

    Good call by the RO, he was right on it and had no doubts. His range command “hold it, hold it!” wasn’t correct (g) but you knew.

    That looks like a challenging match. Very interesting stages, and they’re still using ports and other distracting at marysville complications to break the shooter’s concentration. Ask someone about the Area 1 match there in 2001; eight shooters DQ’d on one stage because their gun fell out of the race holsters.

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