2 comments on “FrogLube is amazing!

  1. Great blog Loke!

    I was wondering what your process for using frog lube was? Did you completely clean off your gun first? How did you apply it to your open gun, and where did you cover with it? Thanks!

    • I didn’t use the paste, I used the liquid version of Froglube. I apply it very liberally all over my gun, using the same cuetips to clean off the rails and hard to get areas. Use a small patch cloth with a thin screwdriver head to clean the tiny recesses. I just use FrogLube like I would CLP. Once everything is clean (which is really easy), I then lube all the parts with a light coating of FrogLube, an bigger drops of lube on the areas where I usually apply other types of lube/oil (rails, barrel hood, locking lugs, etc). Assemble the gun, and wipe the slick exterior with a microfiber cloth.

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