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  1. I’ve really been enjoying your blog, great topics and interesting photography/videography.

    I just bought the new ContourHD 1080p and was hoping to make a hat mount like in your blog post, but I guess the most recent version doesn’t come with the clear extra mount. (It is affixed to a large lucite plate in the packaging). I assume yours came with the clear one.

    Any ideas where I can get something that would work as a replacement for this mount?


  2. whats up man, I like your blog a lot Ive been making some targets and I want to send you some samples, so if you could tell me what you think of them. let me know if you want some and give me your address and ill send you some samples

    Double Tap targets

    • Matt. Thanks for dropping by. Sure! send some over. I’d love to try them and take some videos if you would allow. email is lokeuei @hotmail.com

  3. I completely enjoy reading ur updates. The info regarding reloading and ur competitions keep me coming back.

    Thank you

  4. Hey I noticed you have a really small scope on your ruger mark 3 22/45,. what scope is it?
    I fyou could email me I would really appreciate it. Great blog by the way.

  5. Great blog and nice videos! Got here looking for a way to mount my new Contour Roam. I will come back to read more!

  6. hey – nice blog!

    i ran across it looking for a light to fit into my dillon 550b tool head. do you still recommend the coast V-9?

    i really appreciate you taking the time to answer!

    • thanks for the kind words. I’d go with a light that’s powered by AC instead of batteries. The problem with the coast althought it fits nicely, batteries run dry very quickly. I’ve moved on to a small table lamp from Ikea that’s powered.

  7. Hi Loke,
    Been following your post for awhile. Last time I commented your switch to the Dillon 650 and 9 Major . Now that it has been awhile, what is your experience switching to 9 Major? Any regrets?

    It is nice to hear from an experience shooter like you.

    Love your post here and youtube.

    • Thanks Pete! I love 9mm major. I don’t have to look at the ground to pickup anymore brass, that in itself is worth the conversion price. Brass is cheap and easy to find. No regrets at all, on top of that, I can shoot standard 9mm ammo from the same gun if I wanna practice or just plink.

      hope that helps!

  8. I appreciate the time you have devoted in sharing your knowledge and experience to all of us. It takes a high level of dedication and love for the sport.

    Thanks again.

  9. Loke are you still using the same equipment,holster,mag pouches,gun?How long did it take to make “Master” after you changed to open class?

  10. Hello,

    Nice video and shot !!

    Could i know what is the brand and model of the video camera you use in your last video ?

    Thank’s a lot.

  11. Hi, I have a quick question for you. I took inspiration from you and bought a GoPro session 5 to bat mount on clearance as it is discontinued now. I really love it from the couple of range classes I have used it in. My issue and you mentioned it yourself in the video was the gunshots sounded weak or odd. Mine sound like a paintball gun up to a point. Your newer videos seem to sound fine to me. I was wondering how you fixed that for yourself. If you wanted to see what I’m talking about my YouTube channel is thebuzzcjc, there are only a couple of vids there. Please forgive the quality, I’m just learning recording and editing so no large effort for quality yet. Also I’m no speed demon on the range yet either, just working on basics under a LEO instructor. If you see this, thanks!

    • Hey Christopher, thanks for reaching out. There isn’t a way to change the audio as the mic is hidden under the waterproof cover. What I did was to overlay the audio from the 3rd person video that was recorded using my iPhone.

      Everyone was slow in the beginning including all the world champions so don’t worry too much about it. You’ll get fast in no time. 🙂

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